15 Reasons to Write a News Release to Stand Out

15 Reasons to Write a News Release to Stand Out

November 19, 2014 by Holly Rollins

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The media landscape is not only a crowded place, but also an extremely competitive one. 10-x Group’s motto, is make sure you “Stand Out.” Unbelievably, you may be sitting on many newsworthy stories for news releases. Here are 15 news release ideas to help you start getting noticed for justifiable content.

  1. Opening a new business or expanding an existing business.

Whether you target consumers or businesses, there are audiences out there who want to know this news.

  1. Introducing a new product.

If you’re launching a new product, for example—a fancy bagel rack—and targeting grocers or food service wholesalers you need to know how to reach those food service trade publications and their editors. If you don’t know how to reach these editors, you should consult a PR professional who has a track record with these industry leaders.

 Here are 13 more ideas worthy of a news release:

  1. Forming a new partnership in your business
  2. Changing your company’s brand or name
  3. Receiving an award
  4. Sponsoring a philanthropic event
  5. Upper management hires or promotions
  6. Acquiring a new client or customer
  7. Achieving a milestone such as the 100,000th customer
  8. 10-year incremental anniversaries
  9. Restructuring your business
  10. Hosting a workshop or seminar
  11. Renovating your business
  12. Featuring your appearance in a TV or radio show
  13. Aligning your industry when relevant with a nationally-recognized day or month, such as Premature Awareness Month for an Ob/Gyn practice.

There are many more legitimate reasons to send out a news release. But the key to getting media exposure also entails the following:

  • Sending it to the right media for your product or service;
  • Sending out the right message;
  • Writing the release in AP style;
  • Having a relationship with the appropriate media, (always a positive).

The next blog will detail 15 more reasons to get your news out there to Stand Out.