Build the Audience, & the Business Will Come

Build the Audience, & the Business Will Come

November 2, 2015 by Holly Rollins

content inc coverReview of Content Inc. Book

Sometimes it’s the counter-intuitive path that leads to success. This is one of the golden nuggets from Joe Pulizzi’s new book Content Inc. Pulizzi, known as the godfather of content marketing and CEO of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), explains how he found success this way with his powerful global organization CMI, basically by lucky accident. Now he is conveying this wisdom and how other successful companies have used this model in Content Inc.

Pulizzi gives a logical viewpoint on how ‘reverse engineering’ your existing or start-up business can work better than proverbial business plans for some business concepts. He has a point. The majority of US businesses fail within their first five years of operation, many of those followed the golden rule of creating a plan. Content plays a large role in Pulizzi’s methodology. There are six steps:

  1. The sweet spot
  2. Content tilt
  3. Building the base
  4. Harvesting the audience
  5. Diversification
  6. Monetization

Read more about these six steps toward either resurrecting your business or plotting a successful new business and even get a bonus free chapter here.