Why Content Marketing & PR Should be Bedfellows

Why Content Marketing & PR Should be Bedfellows

November 14, 2013 by Holly Rollins

Keeping the marriage between PR and content marketing strong takes time, attention and nurturing–just like any good marriage.


In many corporations and organizations, managing and publishing content is separated physically as well as figuratively (ie. org charts) from the rest of marketing and public relations departments and planning.

In marketing and PR, target audiences are typically defined early in the marketing strategic process. With content marketing, buyer personas (briefly defined as a demographic and lifestyle profile of clients or prospects) are identified in the early stages as well. In many businesses, buyer personas align closely or are extensions of target markets. Thus, content marketing and PR shouldn’t be performed in silos. It just makes common sense. Blogger Lee Odden┬áso aptly says, “Content is the currency for building social relationships that can boost earned media.”

He is right. When your marketing plan syncs with PR and content you publish via social media channels–it’s a beautiful thing. Done the right way, the marriage between content and PR can generate third-party articles, content your prospects want to know about and ultimately bring in business. Obviously there should be synergy among business strategy, marketing, social media and PR practices.