Create Social Media PR You Can be Proud of

Create Social Media PR You Can be Proud of

March 10, 2015 by Holly Rollins


It’s no secret that good social media marketing is essential to PR success. The ease of social media, however, makes it very easy to market badly. Create social media PR that will make you proud by following these four guidelines.

  1. Write compelling headlines.

Most people going through their inbox or viewing their newsfeeds only look at the headline of the piece rather than the entire post or article. Your headline needs to be succinct and punchy, so that the readers are intrigued — even if they don’t click on the article. Lists tend to get a bit boring, so some of the best headline ideas include:

  • The Secret to [blank]
  • A Quick and Easy Way to do [blank] is [blank]
  • What Everyone Should Know About [blank]

Click here for more headline ideas.

  1. Use compelling images.

Most people aren’t closely reading your content, but a good visual can change that. Make sure your visual isn’t an afterthought. Ensure the graphic or photo you choose relates to your content. Some important things to remember when choosing images are:

  • Humanizing your brand. Show how your product or company touches the lives of its consumers. This juxtaposition makes the product more accessible, and people will be more likely to place it in their everyday lives.
  • Don’t always rely on stock photos. A stock photo or two is fine, but relying on them completely does nothing to make your brand stand out. If it’s a photo that could be used in a competitor’s ad campaign, rethink your visual.
  • Don’t use repeat images with posts. This is self-explanatory.
  • Listen to your consumers when they have suggestions and do your best to implement them. These are the people who will be buying your product, and they represent a valuable asset to your marketing campaign.

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Search engine optimization is the part of PR that separates the successful from those who are stuck in the last decade. Thankfully, it’s become much easier to use, but if you don’t have the time or technical proficiency, tap a professional to execute SEO for you. Some things to remember when using SEO are:

  • Results do not happen overnight. Don’t get discouraged.
  • Low quality is a bad idea. Sometimes search engines penalize certain sites because the site quality or backlinks are bad. SEO is not the place to cut corners.
  • Your website is never finished. The internet and SEO are always evolving. Keeping your content fresh and up to date increases both clickability and site quality. Click here for tips to utilize SEO.
  1. Implement user-generated content.

User-generated media is any type of media created by and individual or company, which can include blogs, social media channel posts, web site copy, etc. Using this kind of content boosts clickability and breaks up monotonous content creation schedules or only repurposed content. If you don’t have the bandwidth or personnel to generate this kind of content with a content marketing plan, consider outsourcing to a professional.

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