Employee Participation Can Amp Up SEO & Build Company Pride

Employee Participation Can Amp Up SEO & Build Company Pride

October 29, 2015 by Holly Rollins

communicationBusinesses should use their employees’ networks and resources to enhance content marketing efforts. Because inbound links are the most important factor search engines use to rank websites, it’s important to involve employees in SEO. According to the Content Marketing Institute, this strategy can help build your business’ reputation and build its online presence through linked, relevant content.

Employees have their own ideas, networks and resources that can be combined to help the company build links. As mentioned by search marketing expert Paul Shapiro, employees can help with SEO by content creation and ideation. Whether you provide a platform for employees to share ideas with consumers or encouragement to contribute to the company blog, you will improve your rankings by providing relevant content. Some employees may have their own blog and with incentives, they might be willing to link back to the company’s website. Allowing your employees to be creative through idea sharing for the good of the company can improve their skill sets while strengthening your SEO efforts.

Other link building tactics mentioned by Content Inc. are noteworthy when trying to increase SEO through team efforts. For example, creating employee bios provides a great opportunity for those employees to link back to them. Whether they have personal blogs, their own websites or are published online, linking back to the company website and bios can help the company grow. Public relations employees can also help with link building by providing any backlinks they have brought in, such as those from press coverage or media. Lastly, if you can encourage your employees to share company content on their social channels, you can exponentially extend the reach of your company to various markets and increase your rank on search engines. Some employees may require incentives for this as well, such as a prize for the most referring traffic.

Whether your employees require incentives or not, the end goal is to encourage them to aid in your SEO strategy and content marketing efforts. With their help, you can increase rankings and website traffic, target new markets and ultimately stay competitive in the digital world.