How to Repair and Recover from Social Media Mistakes

How to Repair and Recover from Social Media Mistakes

August 27, 2015 by Holly Rollins

picture3In the fast-paced world known as social media, slip-ups are inevitable. Anyone who is managing more than one social media account knows how easy it is to post something you instantly regret. Mistakes can severely impact your brand’s reputation. The important part, however, is how you bounce back from these gaffes.

Whether your brand falls victim to an insensitive statement, an inappropriate opinion, or other disaster there are ways to recover.

1. Be Quick

According to Hashtag Fail: How to Handle Social Media Blunders, when you take a tumble on the social media platform you must acknowledge the mistake as soon as you are aware. This first step helps you avoid a potential PR disaster. Also, if you wait too long to respond, you miss the opportunity to become a part of the conversation with your followers.

2. Be Transparent & Honest

Transparency in content marketing is a key mantra and this is especially important when a social media blunder is made. Admitting or correcting the mistake can sometimes turn into a big positive.

In 2011, FedEx turned a PR disaster into a PR win. When a YouTube video surfaced of one of their drivers mishandling a customers’ computer package, FedEx senior vice president quickly responded by posting a YouTube video of his own. By eagerly accepting their mistake and promising to use the experience to improve customer service, FedEx publicly proved they are a responsible brand. Zachary Sniderman writing for American Express Open Forum states, “Removing what you’ve posted or what someone said will only provoke your followers that were upset in the first place. The best course in any mistake is humility.”

3. Learn From It

In may be tough to own up to a social media mistake, but moving forward you must take both positive and negative feedback to really learn from your followers.