6 Tips for Powerful SEO-friendly Infographics

6 Tips for Powerful SEO-friendly Infographics

April 18, 2016 by Holly Rollins

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 1.23.47 PMLearning through visuals is proven as a successful method for faster information retention. A large quantity of research shows the brain is much better at retaining and retrieving information tied to a visual since it is an image processor not a word processor, according to Psychology Today. Comparatively, text is abstract and therefore not as memorable as visuals.

In the past five years, the use of infographics (IGs) has soared due to the aid they provide in effective, memorable communication. This proliferation of infographics is good—when these visual graphics are well researched and well designed. Many poorly executed IGs are either elementary or too complex. When these visuals appeal to the right audience with stellar graphics and content, they can be powerful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Tips to maximize IGs for SEO:

1. Conduct primary research

Via online surveys, focus groups or other viable research-gathering means on a topic your audience wants to know about. Couponbox created a Real-time Spending IG based on hard data and a thoroughly-vetted algorithm. So if you want to know what Americans are spending second by second on clothes, food, technology and more, check out this cool IG. It’s also worth noting that this type of content can be evergreen and used again in certain instances.

2. Content is first, then design

Out-of-the-box design templates may be fast, but customization (by a talented graphic designer who specializes in IGs) is your best bet to stand out. You certainly don’t want your infographic to look like someone else’s.

3. News release or white paper worthy

If you’ve done a good job on content and data, then you can most likely tailor a news release and/or a white paper that will feature both the data and the IG—for the right topic.

4. Seasonal infographics (if created months in advance)

For information that’s seasonal–such as retailers who make most of their money at holidays—creating a relevant IG months ahead can give you an edge on the competition. 10x digital and Couponbox produced the hot toys list (which appeals to parents and their demographics). In theory, these types of visuals and content should be promoted two months before the big holiday.

5. Editorial links

Receiving editorial links from the media is easier when your IGs contain hard data and captivating graphics. You can ask for media to publish the link to your IG, especially if it is fitting with their beat or overall medium’s focus. Of course it’s best to first have a relationship with the editor, journalist or blogger via social media, etc. The link should also be organically embedded in the IG.

6. Easily Shareable IGs

Your beautiful, content-rich IG should be snapped up and shared by your social contacts and sharing it via boosted campaigns can help. You should also test then use trending hashtags to further promote the IG.

Using all of the techniques and tips above should help your IG rank higher than average, based on your intended industry, keywords and hashtags.