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Employee Participation Can Amp Up SEO & Build Company Pride

October 29, 2015 by Holly Rollins

Businesses should use their employees’ networks and resources to enhance content marketing efforts. Because inbound links are the most important factor search engines use to rank websites, it’s important to involve employees in SEO. According to the Content Marketing Institute, this strategy can help build your business’ reputation and build its online presence through linked, Read More…

Insiders’ Top 10 Social Media Marketing Lessons

October 15, 2015 by Holly Rollins

A strong social media marketing campaign can help you reach your target audience, communicate your brand effectively and dramatically increase your customer base. In order to stay competitive, you need to understand the fundamentals of social media marketing. Frequency – once you’ve established your social channels, you should be posting regularly to increase exposure. Successful Read More…

What is Content Marketing Anyway?

July 16, 2013 by Holly Rollins

Content marketing is a semi-new term for a centuries-old practice: communication. And more specifically CM is ‘publishing content.’ Publishing via printing is becoming less of a communication method while digital publishing IS the new norm. Thus content marketing is the act of publishing key content with keywords to help you reach your target audience–whether it’s Read More…