The #1 Habit of Successful Marketing Campaigns

The #1 Habit of Successful Marketing Campaigns

April 10, 2015 by Holly Rollins

habits-successful-content-marketing-campaignsAll content marketers know that effective habits can make or break marketing campaigns. However, so many habits are recommended that their effectiveness can often be diluted. Holly Rollins was featured in a Cornerstone Content Marketing article that surveyed successful marketers and asked what they thought the #1 habit of successful marketing campaigns was. Rollins’ answer?

“They feature relevant, compelling (and strategic) content to their target audiences’ prime social channels (or the social media channels of greatest influence for their target markets).”

In essence, Rollins advocates thinking smarter about the choices you make when marketing and valuing quality over quantity. Other popular answers included quality writing, concrete strategy, and using multimedia content.

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