Using LinkedIn to Market Your Brand

Using LinkedIn to Market Your Brand

October 28, 2013 by Holly Rollins

For anyone who doesn’t know, LinkedIn is a force for professionals on many fronts. There are more than 200 million LinkedIn users and not only is it THE imgresprofessional networking social channel, it has become a powerful tool in job search and recruiting.

Regardless of how you’re using it, you need to ensure it accurately captures the image you want to project to your peers, clients, prospects or headhunters. Here are five basic steps to begin optimizing LinkedIn:

1) Complete your profile;

2) Join groups (relevant to your field and interests);

3) Share useful posts and articles with your connections and groups;

4) Update your profile with links to important industry news, which helps position you as a thought leader;

5) Ask for and give recommendations.

As Lindsey Stemann, LinkedIn Trainer/Specialist with Intero Advisory says, ‚ÄúThink of your LinkedIn profile as an opportunity to tell your story; it’s a mirror reflecting who you are offline in the business community, online. Since we can’t control how people find us anymore, our online reputation is as important as our offline reputation.”