What You Need to Know About Landing Pages

What You Need to Know About Landing Pages

September 3, 2013 by Holly Rollins

landingpg-198x300When it comes to lead generation, you should be using your landing page. Many spend more time on their website’s homepage, but the landing page (also known as the lead-capture page) is essential. It takes your visitors and turns them into leads—what company doesn’t want that?

An important focus about a landing page is that it should contain one clear, concise call to action and a lead capture form. Most other pages on a website will be crowded with information and have multiple calls to action. The landing page makes it obvious what you want people to do.

In fact, landing pages perform 5 to 15 percent better than homepages. So, how do you make your landing page top notch?

  • You should never use your homepage as a landing page. Homepages have too much information and too many calls to action.
  • Your landing page should be sweet, simple, and to the point. Any external navigation should be minimal, the page should be clean and easy to read/navigate, and you should be focusing on what the value is of what you offer.
  • Landing pages should contain a headline (and sub-headline, if needed), a description of what you’re offering, a supporting high quality image or video, and a form to capture information.

And while you’re at it, create a lot of landing pages.