Why Evergreen Content is Always “In Vogue”

Why Evergreen Content is Always “In Vogue”

June 30, 2015 by Holly Rollins

10xgroupevergreencontentWhat is lasting (or evergreen) content? It’s content marketing and content creation that never goes out of style. This  type of content ensures almost infinite clickability. Creating truly lasting content, however, requires some real work.

How do I tell if my content has a long shelf life?

You can use some very simple tactics. Look at your overall analytics and click history on your blog or website. If you have a spike in clicks or pageviews that then drop swiftly off, you have trending posts or content. A lasting content history will show ebbs and flows in interest. This is one of the defining marks of lasting content. There are a few questions you can ask yourself:

1. Who are my customers?

2. What topics do they want to know about?

3. What makes these topics lasting?

Write for the lowest common denominator.

Your customers are people who want to know more about the subject you’re writing about. You should write for a wide-ranging audience; don’t write “above their heads.” To make a post with lasting content, you should focus on covering the basics completely and concisely. You should aim to meet the needs of those who will most likely be using this information, not populate your blog with information only an expert would understand. Basic information is the hallmark of lasting content.

How can I use SEO to promote lasting content?

Use Google AdWords’ free keyword planner that allows you to choose keywords. Your post will show up when these keywords are typed in. Link building is also a great idea, as is reaching out to other bloggers and asking them to share your content. Additionally, make sure to update your article frequently. Lasting content is made up of fairly basic information, so it is your responsibility to keep your post relevant by updating it as soon as new information becomes available.

Other lasting advice

Keep your posts short and highly specific. Read Strunk and White’s Elements of Style, if you haven’t already. This book is a concise and elegant writer’s bible. One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating evergreen content is trying to say too much. Your topic stops becoming truly clickworthy when there’s too much information to easily process. Assume that your reader has no experience with your topic and avoid jargon. Most importantly, LINK YOUR POSTS TOGETHER. There’s no easier way to become a reputable source that to continually hyperlink to previous articles where you have discussed a mentioned topic.