Content Marketing Can Drive Business Leads

Content Marketing Can Drive Business Leads

November 26, 2013 by Holly Rollins

contentmarketingdrivesleadsSo how does an effective content marketing strategy generate leads? If you use content marketing strategy the right way — blogging, social media and more will set your business up as an industry expert and leader. When consumers are scrolling through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other channels and they see recommendations from others about your great costumer service and your amazing content — that is valuable enough to keep them coming back. You’re creating brand awareness, and from brand awareness comes leads.

A well-run content marketing strategy contains meaningful content in all different shapes and sizes (videos, social media, blogs, whitepapers, etc.). It sets up your company for success and gets people talking.

When your brand stands apart and you show that your information can fulfill a need, your tweets or posts can turn into leads and sales. When people are driven to your website from posts of interest, they’re much more likely to stay there. In short, content marketing can be one of your best assets as a business. Do you have a strategy?

Do you have someone or a team dedicated to making sure your content reaches the right audience, with the right message to ultimately bring you business?