How to Market Your Small Business on Facebook

How to Market Your Small Business on Facebook

June 15, 2015 by Holly Rollins

HMRFBiconFacebook recently announced a new Facebook for business campaign designed to help small businesses get everything they can out of the social media website. There are some things, however, you can do to improve your presence on social media without even using the Facebook for business campaign (though we recommend you check it out anyway).

 1. Request your own web address.

This will make you easier to find and will definitely help you to stand out when clients are looking at potential service providers. It looks much cleaner, providing an organized, streamlined look that will complement your business.

2. Use Facebook’s admin page.

This is a small business’s secret weapon. The admin page can be used to track what customers are engaging with as well as see what the competition is doing.

3. Show personality.

Share personal parts of the business. If your office sponsors a 5k for a local animal shelter? PUT IT ON FACEBOOK. Facebook is an excellent tool to show potential customers what your business stands for.

4. Tag and #Hashtag.

Tagging businesses in your posts will increase visibility and engagement for your followers. This is definitely a time to #followthecrowd.

5. Engage with your followers.

Respond to comments, like pictures and answer questions. Social media is supposed to be social, not a platform to lurk around in other people’s lives. Customers want to follow businesses that interact with their clientele. Don’t be afraid to be funny or to have fun with your social media accounts (as long as that fun is appropriate).

6. Create a Facebook event.

The events show up differently than a page update, so there’s a lower likelihood of an event being ignored. Giving your followers something to attend makes them feel more engaged and like the community that they have joined online actually exists.