One of Twitter’s Best Kept Secrets Can Expand Your Business

One of Twitter’s Best Kept Secrets Can Expand Your Business

April 28, 2015 by Holly Rollins

10xlistsimageTwitter is a great marketing tool—it’s fast, efficient, and the 140-character limit makes sure that you won’t get bogged down with copy. At first Twitter appears to be a one-trick pony, putting the pressure of gaining more followers for viewing content solely on the subscriber. Fortunately, this isn’t true: Twitter lists have taken the pressure off of the subscriber to expose more people to their content.

What is a Twitter list?

A Twitter list is a way for like-minded people to read each other’s copy. By joining or creating a list, you expose yourself to the tweets and re-tweets of respected community members. From a marketing standpoint, this is a good idea. You can follow a “Marketing Tips” list and open yourself up to a wealth of information — from marketing professionals all over the world.

But how can I use this to improve my business?

Organization and Strategy

Though Twitter is a great marketing tool, the barrage of information it presents can be daunting. Lists can allow companies to organize community members, making information more accessible. Private lists (lists only you can see) are best for organizational purposes. They allow you to monitor competitors and research pertinent markets, perfect tools for strategizing your next big marketing initiative.


The 140-character limit aside, there isn’t much space for branding on Twitter. A well-crafted public Twitter list, however, will engage the right people and help with search engine optimization (SEO). When creating your own list, it is important to choose a Twitter list name that will engage your followers, align with your Twitter marketing goals and relate to your Twitter bio. To help drive traffic, research the people you want to join the list and consider their interests. Creating a public list is something that you should take your time doing, but, when done correctly, yields meaningful results.


If you create a public Twitter list titled “SEO Experts,” you will attract people who consider themselves experts. But what you probably didn’t realize is that by creating the list, you have identified yourself as an expert in the field as well. Continually sharing reputable articles will lend to your credibility, effectively broadening your influence.

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