How Content Marketing Drives Search

How Content Marketing Drives Search

August 12, 2013 by Holly Rollins

Search Engine Results - Your Site Number OneSEO has always been important and imperative for businesses trying to push themselves on the web, and it’s becoming even more so. Google is moving from explicit to implicit algorithms (Google where you live, so instead of typing Greenville SC yoga studios, you can simply type yoga studios). Google sees your relevant content and pushes you higher up, but will also see your badly written content.

Traditional SEO techniques are quickly being replaced by creative, quality content, both on your website and your social media. Social is huge and only growing, and Google takes note of that. The content that you push out on your website and social media make a huge difference in where and how you rank in search results.

For that reason, the content you are putting out there directly affects your search results and your overall presence on the web. As important as technical SEO is, content marketing is a facilitator pushing your business to the next level. In fact, 78 percent of marketers are focusing on social media engagement in 2013, with blogging and articles as a close second.

In order to build and improve your search results, content is imperative, and not just regarding SEO anymore. Knowing social media and its trends and topics, keeping an updated blog, and focusing on original content creation and content marketing will be imperative to the success of organizations in search.